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The braking system in your vehicle is oftentimes

The braking system in your vehicle is oftentimes the only thing that prevents you from having an accident when on the road. It&Double Disc39;s important to have it inspected regularly, and to also know for yourself about the problems with brake pads, rotors and calipers that could eventually cause you to have a complete brake replacement on your vehicle. Here are several problems to watch out for that can lead to a brake replacement: * Worn-out Components - In addition to the disc, calipers, and rotors, another important component of the braking system are the brake pads. As pressure is applied to the brake pedal, the hydraulic pressure forces the brake pads against the metal disc. That means that friction is causing your vehicle to slow down and stop. This friction means that wear is inevitable. * Scoring - Scoring is the worse kind of wear you can have with your pads. It's what happens when the friction material is completely worn off of the brake pad, leaving the metal stump to scrape tightly against the disc when the brakes are used. Scoring is the result of a lack of inspection and pad replacement over a prolonged time. It can also be caused by a piston that's stuck in place, which forces the pad to remain against the disc. Braking capacity will be seriously reduced and a screeching metallic noise will be heard whenever the brakes are used. * Warping - Warping, which # is also known as distortion, is caused when the discs have been heated and cooled unevenly. A vibration and shuddering can be felt through the pedal after the disc is warped. Brake discs normally don't warp till they start to become too thin, which means you will then need a complete brake replacement. The discs should always be replaced two at a time. * Run-out - Another problem can also occur, similar to warping, that's called run-out. It's caused when a brake disc isn't installed properly over a drum. As a result the brake disc will move from side to side over the edge of the drum. * Corrosion - Corrosion and rust can eventually cause surface pitting over time. That normally doesn't require brake replacement unless the integrity of the brake disc is weakened. Need to know more about a brake replacement? Contact our ASE Certified Technicians at Clausen Automotive, The Hybrid Shop, for more information about brakes and to schedule an appointment. Since 1975, our family-owned auto shop has proudly served vehicle owners in Madison, WI, and the surrounding communities. If you are looking for quality Brake Pad Madison WI than find our dedicated Car Repair Madison WI shop.Also meet our Car Shocks Madison WI mechanic for your vehicle's safety.

Sometimes we may need to carry two driving

Sometimes we may need to carry two driving licenses keeping in mind state regulations. This where document wallets come in handy. This is the reason for the existence of a tax disc holder. Since they are out on display perpetually it is wise to keep them in an appropriate cover in order to protect it from damage.

Document Wallets
Through our course of living we keep accumulating important documents.

Advertising through important articles like tax disc holders and document wallets is essentially killing two birds with the same stone. At this time document wallets like a double license holder are all extremely important to keep them in order and easily accessible. Thus it too proves to be an effective marketing tool as all car owners will have one. Recognizing this important factor tax disc holders and document wallets has been used by businesses to advertise their products and services. An agency that designs and prints such wallets and tax holders can give you valuable advice on which type will work best as an advertising tool for your business. Car documents and licenses too are papers that need to be kept in the car or on hand. They keep the tax discs safe from wear and tear. Failure to do so can lead to hefty penalties.

Tax Disc Holder
Tax discs need to be displayed in a prominent place in cars in The U. You are essentially carrying on your business? marketing theme through your products.

It is common knowledge that all kinds of car dealerships require tax disc holders. Some of them need to be on hand and accessible at all times. Similarly the document wallet is standard to hold all types of car documents. In the business world what can be better than that?
. Some of the documents we have are extremely important to us and it is of paramount importance that they be stored well. What better way to advertise your business than knowing that so many people are going to come across your product and service through the disc holders.K. at all times.

Role as Cheap Advertising Tools
Tax discs and car documents like licenses etc are mandatory items that go wherever the car goes. The money we spend on buying accessories like a tax disc holder or document wallets to keep them safe is money well China automotive brake Manufacturers spent as losing or damaging them can result in a lot of serious problems. This is because you get the double advantage of advertising your business as well as doing so in a very economical manner. Our car documents and tax discs are Brake drum Manufacturers example of such important papers. A tax disc is a small paper disc displayed on the car?s windscreen as a proof to show that the road tax that is supposed to have been been paid has been cleared

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Now plumb your brake lines as follows - the brake line should now run from the main brake master cylinder into the rear fitting of the e brake cylinder (normally the flat fitting and normally 7/16" UNF thread).

Mounting the Hydraulic E Brake System

When mounting your hydraulic e brake you will find that where most manufacture mount their standard handbrake will be doubled skinned and the strongest place for you to mount the system, this is especially important if your e brake is going to be used in the course Auto accessories suppliers of competition, i. rallying and using the handbrake round hairpins, drifting etc.

Also please note the two following important notes regarding replacing your standard mechanical system with a hydraulic e automotive brake Suppliers brake and its intended use:

• Hydraulic e brake systems are not designed to be used as a permanent 'parking' brake, even the lockable systems, and a hydraulic e brake will slowly loose pressure over a period of time so if a vehicle is parked using the hydraulic e brake as a 'parking' brake it is possible that car will move..

When connecting the brake lines to the cylinder on the e brake system you need to fit it in the brake lines running from the brake master cylinder to the rear callipers.

• The fitting of a hydraulic e brake and remove of a mechanical system is only designed for circuit / rally / drifting cars. If the e brake is only to be used to hold the car i.

Bleeding the brakes and using Your New Hydraulic E Brake System

Bleeding your brakes with a hydraulic e brake is no different from bleeding your system before you fitted the system as the cylinder does is store fluid to allow the rear brakes to fully operate independent of the front brakes.


Desert racing, drifting, rally driving requires extensive use of the Hydraulic E Brake.


The Hydraulic E Brake eliminates the weaknesses in a standard cable type E Brake.

(All instructions are a guide and we are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage)

Firstly fully remove your cars original mechanical handbrake system if fitted (Unless The Car Requires a MOT).

To be competitive in Desert racing, Drifting or Rally driving you must be able to lock up the rear wheels with ease and instantly to be able to maneuver the race car around the hard turns required for these types of racing.

The following fitting instructions cover all versions / designs of the most popular Hydraulic E Brakes. The hydraulic e brake does not require a lot less force to lock the rear brakes when desired. The brake line then runs from the front fitting on the cylinder (normally at 45° to the cylinder body and normally 3/8" UNF). If you car has dual rear brake lines then you need a twin cylinder systems, the fitting of these is the same as for a single lined system.e. any flexing from mounting the e brake on single skin or a flexible surface will mean your system will not work to its best capabilities. on the start line of a race or whilst loading the car then mounting on a single skin is fine. On dual systems the fitting is the same as on a single line only each cylinder is for each separate line.e. The removal of a mechanical system will also cause you car to fail a safety road test